Saturday, July 9, 2011

Inmates stage hunger strike for better conditions

Inmates stage hunger strike for better conditions Majority of inmates held in the Isolation Unit Tomb's of Human Mass destruction are not murderers!!! The Dept.Of Corruptions intentionally label inmates as Gang Members,when they are NOT, the idiot counselor's take it upon themselves, without the approval of the Administrative Staff to falsely label them,endangering them. These inmates have used all their complaint procedures to no avail.Complaint forms are tossed in the garbage by guards,this is a fact! If some make it through,those complaints are ignored by administrators,that's why they have resorted to this "hunger strike" they have no other options,they are totally helpless. Legislators have also,ignored their letters for help.Consider,that many are innocent victims of "Blindfolded Lady In-Justice" to begin with. Justice for basic human rights should never be allowed to become blinded, if so, then We The People will all suffer.We must all recognize their fight for Basic Human Rights,if they lose,we also lose that right~Cruel & Usual punishment upon California Prisoners~~Crimes against humanity exists in these US Gulag's,the truth is stranger than fiction !! California Department of Corrections condones horrific treatment of prisoners,our tax dollars at work ~
The federal government has already proved that medical neglect was gross,and at least one prisoner died a week, unnecessarily. What is happening to these human beings,is grossly beyond cruel & unusual punishment.Those who are in agreement, in-charge,who are participating with this inhumane treatment & those who remain silent, are the "Real Cold Blooded Criminals"

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